Compression Garments After Liposuction

Many patients wonder why their surgeons require them to wear compression garments after liposuction. This garment is made from some sort of stretchy cloth that could be irritating, annoying or even uncomfortable to wear.  They could also be embarrassing especially when you’re out in public or in the office since they frequently look funny because the purpose of these garments are for function and not as beauty accessories. People who use these compression garments are not looking forward to wearing them. However, it is essential for a patient who just had liposuction to wear this to help in the healing process.

Compression garments are a huge help for liposuction patients since it reduces bleeding and swelling. These garments could also help tremendously in the post surgery draining process.  Since liposuction mainly involve the injection of large amounts of fluid into the targeted areas to make it easier to remove the fat, the compression garments will make the draining process faster hence make the body better and recover quickly.    This is because the pressure created by the compression garment helps the excess fluids from the procedure to leave the body as quickly as possible.

Compression garments after liposuction is also needed to keep the muscles warm and effectively eliminates perspiration from the skin helping the body to feel warm during a cold weather and keep it the body’s cooling system when the weather is warm.  Aside from that, it greatly helps in reducing muscle oscillation that will allow you to move more and longer without experiencing too much pain.  These garments improve blood circulation in the muscles and eliminate waste such as lactic acid. 

Another importance of this garment is that it provides support on the area that has been operated and helps you to be more aware of your movement range.  There are also studies that show the stretch in the fabric helps in the stretching reflex.

The length of that you need to keep the compression garments after liposuction on your body depends on how your procedure went.  For an operation that took longer and is more evasive, it obviously requires more time.  Just remember that it is already possible to take off that compression garment 24 hours after your incisions have totally stopped draining. 

The key here is to wear the compression garments for as long as your doctor will require you.  Remember that your doctor knows more than you do when it comes to this procedure.  He/she surely knows how long you need to keep that on and give you more detailed instructions on how to recover faster.

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