Circumferential abdominoplasty- Another Type of Tummy Tuck


It is pretty obvious that most people would like to retain their figure.  Reshaping their body can definitely help in increasing self-confidence, however, having an exercise regimen and diet planning are usually a failure in achieving your goal.  The belly is perhaps the problem area of most overweight people because more than 50 percent of fats go to this part of the body.


When everything has been done and the body reshaping is still not achieved.  Most people opt to have a surgery called abdominoplasty or most popularly known as tummy tuck.  There are different types of tummy tuck and circumferential abdominoplasty is one of them.


The length of time that an individual must spend in undergoing the tummy tuck surgery depends on the amount of fat to be removed, the kind of abdominoplaster procedure that are being performed in a patient as well as to how the reshaping will last.  We can also add the experience or skill of the doctor performing the operation.


Tummy tuck is not for everyone.  Not because you have the money to pay for the operation, it does not mean that you can already have one.  Remember that this is an operation and since health and wellness are among its concern, an individual who will undergo this kind of operation is risking life for beauty.  After a thorough medical check-up, you will also have to prepare yourself physically and emotionally.  You will be experiencing pain and strain after the operation because your movements will then become limited.


Circumferential abdominoplasty is a procedure wherein the buttocks are being lifted.  Usually those who have grown a lot of weight and had their buttocks become saggy due to fat are the patients for this kind of operation.  Excess skin has to be removed to be able to maintain the look and feel of the body reshaping.  These are also help in imporoving cellulites as well as balance the body contour.  Circumferential abdominoplasty can make the skin tighter especially in the lower body skin.


This kind of tummy tuck is becoming popular nowadays as it eliminates the unwanted fats in stubborn areas.  Although there are many types of tummy tuck, circumferential abdominoplasty focuses on the lower part especially the buttocks.


Losing weight is not easy.  No matter how disciplined are you, removing unwanted fats in the body is really not an easy task.  When every planned diet and daily exercise failed to reshape the body, surgical procedure such as this is necessary.


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