Chin liposuction before and after

Men and women appreciate the results of their liposuction operation when they can see the pictures of their chin liposuction, before and after the aesthetic procedure. Liposuction of the chin is also known as a Sub-mentum or sub-mental liposuction.  It can also be precise a facial suction lipectomy.  The liposuction procedure of the chin is from either an intra oral incision or and extra-oral incision under the chin. 

A few individuals may even ask for both sub-mentum liposuction and a chin implant for a more intense look.  The removal of this surfeit fat deposit can be much defined in the lower facial structure.

This procedure can considerably reduce the manifestation of excess facial fat bringing about an obese image.  These problem areas are known as double chin.  This is often a result of aging, obesity, or heredity.

Regrettably, all surgery has innate risks and difficulties.  A resolute understanding and knowledge of what may happen during chin liposuction before and after is important. Liposuction of the chin may end in allergic reaction to the anesthetic and post-operative infection.  Asymmetry, general displeasure, hematoma or seroma, lumpiness, and/or blemishing of the skin may also occur.

There is also a possibility of loss of feeling, it normally wanes within the first few weeks but it may become a permanent issue.  Wrinkling of the skin may also result and deeper than sought after dimples may also occur. 

Post surgery the patient may have lessened lucidness from the anesthetic and or painkillers and most likely remember the first day or two.  After the operation the patient will have bed rest with head elevated for 7 to 14 days, or longer depending on the suggestion of the cosmetic surgeon.  The neck and lower face will appear very swollen in the first 3 days.  Not to be alarmed because this will soon dissipate during recovery.  Bruising will also occur, but these will diminish as time passes.  Recovery from the liposuction surgery will take 3 to 4 weeks at most and would take up to 3 to 6 months of healing and recovery time for a patient to completely appreciate the results of his or her chin liposuction. The full results can be easily reviewed and appreciated when the patient views the chin liposuction before and after photographs that were taken pre-operation during the consultations and the post –operation full recovery pictures taken 3 to 6 months after surgery.

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