Chin liposuction before after

This liposuction surgery can considerably reduce the manifestation of excess facial fatty deposits that brings about a heavy looking chin.  These problem areas are often referred to as a double chin.  This is usually attributed to aging and excessive weight gain.  Double chin can also be hereditary. A person interested in having liposuction on his or her chin must know the requisites in chin liposuction before after having the procedure.

People recognize the value of the results of their liposuction when they are able to view the photos of their chin liposuction before after the liposuction surgery, but it takes time. After the operation the patient may have reduced awareness from the anesthesia and most probably not remember any of the first few days.  After the surgery the patient will have to take a long break for 7 to 14 days, or longer depending on the suggestion of the doctor.  The neck and lower face will appear very puffy in the first 3 days.  Not worry because this will soon dispel after a few days.  Bruising will also become visible, but these will also go away as time passes.  Recuperation from the liposuction surgery will take 3 to 4 weeks but would take up to 3 to 6 months of curing and mending time for a patient to fully be pleased about the results of his or her chin liposuction. The full results can be easily evaluated and esteemed when the patient sees the chin liposuction before after photos that were taken before the surgery and the post –operation full recovery photos taken 3 to 6 months afterwards.

One must be aware that all surgical procedures have risks and possible complications.  A clear awareness of what may occur during chin liposuction before after is vital. Liposuction of the chin may result in allergic reaction to the anesthetic and post-operative infection.  Asymmetry, general displeasure, hematoma or seroma, lumpiness, and/or blemishing of the skin may also appear.

Securing the services of a board certified and highly experienced liposuction surgeon is very important and critical, one must avoid going into a liposuction procedure without first knowing the realistic possibilities of lipoplasty benefits and risk. Going through liposuction a prospective patient must be mentally and emotionally stable since there is a lengthy recovery period that will test one’s patience and emotional stability in dealing with the pain and discomfort of the post operative period.

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