Chin augmentation liposuction

Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure using implants to provide better balance of the facial features and reconstruction of the birth defect and trauma related incidents. Now a day’s chin liposuction has used for the enhancement of person`s chin and transformed into a more aesthetically pleasing shape. This procedure also used for balance and symmetry of the chin area and possible solution for double chin or any chin defect.


First of all patient should have to discuss with doctor`s and select a goal to correct the lacking chin. Patient should be mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the surgery. Finally doctor will explain patient that how to get a realistic result. Commonly chin augmentation implants made from hard silicon. The procedure frequently performed using light anesthesia or performed with other liposuction procedure under general anesthesia. Patients become sleepy or a state of relaxation during the operation. Whole procedure takes time 1 to 1and half hour. If the chick liposuction has done along with the operation then more time will be required.


Getting chin liposuction is just like to another liposuction or cosmetic surgery process so minimal invasive pain should occurred. Doctor`s suggest patient to wear a chin strip for 7 days or another week because there can be bruising for 2 weeks. Bruising may be disappearing within 5-7 days. Even though if there is some unusual happening, patient should informed the doctor like, temperature more than 101degrees,sudden swelling and discoloration , hemorrhage, allergic reaction etc.


Chin liposuction is very perfect solution for double chin problem which is one of the most frustrating part of one`s appearance. In past facelift was the surgical procedure to remove the double chin problem but it leaves the scares in face. So now chin liposuction become most popular and people turned too this operation for double chin problem which is very effective and get the better result that people wants.



The cost of chin liposuction is varies. It depends upon tremendously individuals, surgeons; types of incision used and place where you live. Normally in office chin liposuction cost under local anesthesia is less than any hospitals with general anesthesia. In general chin liposuction cost range from $1000 to $5000 depending upon the above factors.


Chin augmentation liposuction is long lasting. Especially risk will be minor if the implants made by harder silicon variety. The size of the chin implant and placement should be determined by the discussion between doctor`s and patient. Chin augmentation liposuction has become popular not only reconstruction for defects but also enhance person appearance.

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