Chemical liposuction

Chemical Liposuction or Non-surgical liposuction is the process of injecting the skin with collagenase enzymes that break down collagen fibers resulting to dissolving fatty tissues. Collagenase is a naturally occurring substance in the body which can eradicate collagen. The excess fats can be removed from the body through the pores and elimination system. In sculpting and contouring the body you need to remove excess fats which through chemical liposuction you are guaranteed to achieving that desire.

Since chemical liposuction is a non-surgical procedure it may save the patient for it is cheaper that surgical procedures. It also reduces the risk of surgical damages. Compared to surgical procedure, chemical liposuction may have also risk but milder than surgical procedure may create. One risk that has been proven is the allergic reaction of the body from the chemical used.

Chemical liposuction is designed to target fat in the body, it goal is to liquefy the fats to help the body flush it easily through the lymphatic system shortly right after the procedure. The doctor will analyse the patient’s body to determine what chemical he or she will be using and how much amount should be injected to the patient. Because of the lesser risk associated with chemical liposuction it became so popular making the increase of this industry remarkably unbelievable.

The result of chemical liposuction is much more adoring; it makes the skin smoother, softer and more toned skin. Chemical liposuction also better choice than massage and body wraps of treating the unwanted fats stored in the body. Some non-surgical procedure nowadays offers instant fat removal with a minimal invasiveness and guarantees faster recovery than any of the traditional liposuction procedures.

The result may vary from one patient to another depending on the amount of fats stored in the body and the volume and type of chemicals used. Since this procedure tend to eliminate suctioning be prepared for a lesser bruise and swelling after the procedure. Plus the assurance of the absence of anaesthesia is another advantage that you have to consider with this kind of procedure. Anaesthesia can leave slight to moderate effects on the memory making chemical liposuction more ideal than other way of removing fats.

For the history of chemical liposuction, it was Dr. Alexander Dagum, MD, a Member Surgeon of the ASPS and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Stony Brook University Medical Center was the one who initialized clinical trials to gather proof on how collagenese enzyme injection could break down fats. He tried his sample with 10 women and monitored for 6 months. The result shows that those women have managed to prove that 77% of their fats were removed.


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