Cellulite and liposuction

The term of cellulite may be defined as the dimpled appearance of the skin which is look very unattractive and also known as dimple fatĀ on and around the buttock, hips, and thighs areas. The irregular pattern of connective tissue beneath the skin is responsible for cellulite. Adipose is the fatty tissue which makes the small compartment of honeycomb that pushes under the skin which changes the skin appearance. So the people who have cellulite has different pattern of connective tissue which is very common in women rather than men. Usually it starts at the time of puberty as hormones changes. Because of female hormone plays an important part to this pattern of fat distribution. But hormonal therapy is not the treatment of cellulite. Cellulite is not directly related with overweight and not always reduces by weight by weight loss.


There are several factors which is responsible for cellulite such as, heredity, skin thickness, gender, distribution and the amount of body fat, age etc is the extent in which cellulite is present or not.


Liposuction is the technique of body fat extraction from the beneath of the skin is not effective fully for cellulite although liposuction and cellulite goes hand in hand. Many people have the idea that liposuction is the proper treatment for cellulite. But in the fact, because of liposuction skin become lax and worsens in appearance and cellulite can be more apparent than before which is not get rid of.


For removal of cellulite there are some medical procedures which are combined with liposuction process. A new technique is now available in United States which has been approved by FDA that can help to remove cellulite along with liposuction. The name of this process is Endermologie, building on French technology. This technique is mainly designed to combine with the removal of cellulite and liposuction with refining the skin dimples and irregularities. Tumescent liposuction comparatively best method regarding the treatment of cellulite and liposuction for undesirable, diet resistance, and hereditary fat tissue which is responsible for typical fat bulge of the hip, buttock and abdomen region.


Liposuction can remove cellulite fat and the strings of tissue that pull the fat down by scraping under the surface of the skin to disconnect them from the fat. This works best in younger persons. However, in older persons liposuction may cause more dimpling of the skin. Although liposuction is very successful too help individuals appear to have undergone a major weight loose, it does not always diminish the appearance of cellulite I the top layer of the skin.

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