CAL an awake liposuction technique

Are you curious what is done to you while you undergo in a liposuction surgery? Usually you are asleep when this operation is done, because of the anesthesia given. But now, there is a new technology that is used to do the liposuction surgery awake. It is called Custom Acoustic Liposuction (CAL) .

CAL promotes a technique that uses a tumescent local anesthesia while the patients are awake and can feel a lesser pain. The results are also great and can be done in just a little amount of time.

CAL really differs from the other liposuction treatments, because it uses a surgical cannula that is activated by air pressure resulting to a 3-D movement these movements are vibration, rotation and reciprocation known as Nutation. The cannula used in this technique provides Turbo Infiltration of the tumescent solution.

Turbo Infiltration is good for the patients because it provide better disbursement of tumescent solution, faster numbing, less discomfort and shorter time of procedure.

Like other treatments CAL promotes some benefits to the patients. Some of these are:

  • General anesthesia is not needed because the procedure is when the patient is awake.
  • The swelling and bruising is much lesser.
  • You can feel a little pain or non during the procedure.
  • The recovery time is much quicker than the others.
  • Results can be realized immediately.

The vibration of CAL allows it to glide in the fibrous areas easily. Having a assortment of smaller suctioning cannulas, an excellent body contouring can be provided through small incisions.

The other thing that made this different is, it does not heat or liquefy fat cells. CAL harvest fat for cosmetic fat transfer procedures. It can be used to restore volume to the face, hands, breast or buttock region.

Custom Acoustic Liposuction (CAL) is one of the newest procedures in getting rid of unwanted fats in United States. A physician from Belgium who performed several liposuction treatments per day was the first one to introduce this kind of procedure. CAL’s objective is to increase physician’s performance while reducing their efforts, because liposuction procedure needs a great amount of exertion on the part of the performing physician.

There is much safety features in this procedure. Other liposuction techniques utilize laser or ultrasound energy, but the surgical cannula used in CAL is much safer because, it stays cool and eliminates the risk of thermal injury to tissue. The CAL System offers an automatic shut off when inappropriately approaches the muscle or skin. These safety features allows Cal to remove deep fat as well as the superficial fat and make a high definition sculpting.

Now CAL used in thousands procedure and more than a hundred scientific session internationally.

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