Breast Liposuction Cost

Liposuction of the female breast by utilizing local anesthetics can result in a substantial breast reduction and a sufficient but rewarding breast lift. The use of microcannulas permits breast reduction with insignificant postoperative pain, fast postoperative recuperation, and a quick return to usual activities, and there is negligible scarring. Not only can breast reduction by liposuction minimize the female breast by more than fifty percent in volume, the breasts are also elevated to a noticeable extent.

This breast elevation is the result of the reduced volume of the breast, which let the breasts’ inherent elastic properties to tense up and produce lift. The breasts keep their shape after the operation; they become slighter in size and lifted. Breast liposuction cost is dependent on the reputation of the plastic surgeon and the method or technique used.
The liposuction may differ from $2000 to $8000 for liposuction performed on a single 24-hour period, to as much as $12,000 to $20,000 or more when several areas are treated on separate period over of several months. The breast liposuction cost can vary from state to state, and from doctor to doctor. To get a precise approximation, it is essential to have a conference with a plastic surgeon and to secure an actual quotation of the estimated cost.

A few plastic surgeons charge a single inclusive fee, for liposuction performed on a single 24-hour period, by packaging all of the fees into a single inclusive fee. This is most often happens when liposuction is performed in an office-based surgical facility. Other doctors might necessitate that a separate professional fee be paid to the surgeon, for the anesthesiologist, and for the facilities used.

The country where the liposuction will be performed may also affect the cost. It is essential that the risk and complications of undergoing a liposuction treatment be also considered. A board certified plastic surgeon is a must and that your chosen surgeon must be aware of the limitations and inherent risk that can affect a would be liposuction patient when not enough care and precaution is taken to guarantee a patients safety. Such cost is very hard to quantify, but they are almost always present. A botch liposuction procedure can cost as much as an entire liposuction treatment just to correct or revise ill performed operations.

Always try to secure a proper quote from your prospective plastic surgeon to correctly determine the exact breast liposuction cost.

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