Breast Augmentation Liposuction

One of the most sought after surgical procedure is breast augmentation. Breast augmentation liposuction is the enhancement of the breast with the use of silicone and saline implants. To most men, the female breast is the best asset that a woman has. Looking to a woman with eye catching size of breast is alluring and fascinating. As a result most women desire to please her man by having a sexy pair of breast. Breast augmentation was first introduced in 1960’s and from then on many women have benefited with this plastic surgical procedure.

How much does a breast augmentation cost?  The factors that affect the price of breast augmentation are: surgeon’s fee, anesthesiologist’s fee and other facility charges related to operating procedure. The cost associated with breast augmentation is ranging from $3,000 to $9,500. If your budget hedges you back in undergoing breast augmentation, worry no more because there are lending companies who offer breast augmentation financing or cosmetic surgery patient financing. You just need to search around your place where to find them and what company offers the best package with lower interest rate and with lesser risk.

There are three techniques of placement the implants such as: Submuscular augmentation which is the most common used wherein it requires a general anesthetic. Subglandular augmentation is placing the implants above the pectoralis muscle and below the breast gland or tissue. It usually performed with intravenous sedation and with local anesthetic only. Subpectoral augmentation is placing the implants under the pectoralis muscle.

In breast augmentation there are also four incision methods that are being used. (1) Inframammary augmentation wherein incision is made on the lower portion of the breast near the chest where scarring can still be covered and hidden.  (2) Periaroelar augmentation is the method of putting the incision at the junction area of the areola meets the surrounding skin of the breast. Areola is the colored skin around the nipple. (3) Transaxillary or axillary augmentation wherein incision is made in the axilla or armpit which sometimes, depending on the types of tissue of the body, requires the use of endoscope which is a long, narrow, lighted surgical tube facilitating the insertion of breast implants. (4) Transumbilical or umbilical augmentation wherein incision is made at the umbilicus or belly button which usually requires the use of endescope.

Comparing it to breast liposuction augmentation or breast reduction, breast augmentation is a process of adding or supplementing implants to make the breast fuller, while breast liposuction/reduction is a process of reducing the size to the breast. Both have the same aim of making the breast sexier, more attractive and lovable in a mysterious way. By undergoing either of the two procedures you will indeed gain self-esteem and you will definitely loose your insecurities.

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