Breast augmentation liposuction

Breast augmentation liposuction is a surgical procedure that generally performed under general anesthesia through the use of a artificial implants that enhance the size, form and shape of woman breast and correct any deformities. This surgery has mostly popular to improve body contour, balance the different shape of the breast size following the surgery of reconstructive technique.


Breast augmentation also known as mammoplasty that can help to reconstruction of size and shape of the breast which is  popular and commonly performed surgery in U.S.A. Women who are wants to change the size of breast due to massive weight loss, who have small and asymmetrical breast, the surgery is perfect choice for them. Before going through the breast augmentation liposuction people should understand the procedure, benefits, risks, and cost of the procedure. Realistic expectation of the out coming results is also very important. The best candidate for breast augmentation liposuction is those who have good physical health, exercise regularly, and be in normal weight. Patient should have to consult with a board certificate plastic surgeon that has intensive experience in breast augmentation before going the surgery .Surgeon will check up the patient including the skin tone and anatomy and finally take decision about the candidacy of surgery. During breast augmentation surgery, breast implants are inserted under the natural breast tissue or behind the chest muscles through carefully placed incisions. As there are different type of incision plants, the patient have to consult with surgeon to determine which implant should perfect for them.


For breast augmentation liposuction there are three types of breast implantation device is used.


  1. saline implants which is filled with saline sterile saline solution
  2. silicone implants is filled with viscous silicone gel
  3. Alternative-composition implants, filled with miscellaneous fillers like oil.


Among of them silicone implants most popular because it is more smooth and soft then saline implants which often likened to water balloons. Women’s are preferred the natural feel of silicone implants and it is less likely to ripple then saline ones. Breast augmentation surgery is a complex procedure and various types of complication may occur. Some common breast augmentation complications may be infection, asymmetry, double bubble, synmastia etc.


Usually breast augmentation surgery recovery period starts just after finish the operation. As breast tissue are stretched and separated and implant are inserted through incision so that pain and swelling is very common. Within 48 hours it will remove.


Risk can be reducing by choosing a qualified, experienced a skilled surgeon, and maintain the advice suggested by surgeon. Previous consultation with surgeon is also very necessary to get better result in breast augmentation surgery.

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