Botched Liposuction

All over the globe liposuction surgery is getting more and more popular everyday more people are choosing to get a cosmetic liposuction procedure to remove fat and or contour parts of their bodies according to their wants and needs. Almost all cosmetic liposuction procedures get the best results possible but a small number result in botched liposuction operations.

A botched liposuction means that the minimum results expected did not materialize and that the client patient has ended up with a not so good looking result and in most cases of botched liposuction procedures the post-operation result looks much worse than how the treated area looked before liposuction treatment. Patients may have asymmetrical shapes, lumps, and hyper pigmentation, skin elasticity issues and scar tissue that of course must be addressed in a follow up surgery. Skin tapering can also happen if there was too much scraping during the liposuction operation.

Skin bulges, skin indentation and dimples, wrinkling may appear after a liposuction patient’s treatment and a patient may also require a liposuction revision after the botched liposuction, the patient may also require deep tissue massage, or fat reinsertion. These botched results can be blamed to lack of experience of a cosmetic surgeon or the liposuction patient’s lack of resolve to act in accordance with post-operative instructions. Nonetheless fibrous scar tissue can develop in the treated area even when the liposuction surgeon is the best and the patient has followed with the surgeons’ instructions. It must be recognized and accepted that aesthetic risk is inherent with liposuction or any cosmetic surgical procedure for that matter

It is a risk that all liposuction patient’s must face and a botched liposuction operation can really cause much anxiety and stress since most bungled liposuction treatments can only be determined after a lengthy period of recovery have already passed and the swelling and bruising have subsided completely. This is when you look at the mirror and knows something has gone wrong and that you are not very happy with the results, especially if the results look much worse than before you spent money, time and effort for the liposuction.

To minimize the occurrence of a botched liposuction operation, one must discuss thoroughly with his or her cosmetic surgeon the risk and benefits associated with this surgical procedure. Getting a better  understanding of how liposuction works and how it can work for you is a big step in fully understanding that you need to have realistic expectations when going under the knife for liposuction surgery.

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