Board Certified Liposuction

A lot of men and women have been availing of liposuction surgery since the 1980’s and not all of them have stories of success. There are many cases of botched treatments that have resulted in horrendous disfigurement and even death. Most of these horror stories were brought about by individuals who by want to save an extra buck went ahead and got a liposuction treatment from a non – board certified liposuction surgeon, now by doing so, is really asking for disaster.

In choosing or even considering a cosmetic plastic surgeon to perform liposuction surgery, one must ask if not research on the qualifications of a prospective surgeon, and it’s very important that the surgeon chosen is a board certified liposuction surgeon. A board certified plastic surgeon, delivers competence and skills that are necessary in performing liposuction surgery or any other cosmetic surgical procedure safely and effectively. Board certified cosmetic surgeons will most likely inform a patient of the following important details that if followed will dramatically decrease the risk typically associated with liposuction surgery; that the maximum safe amount of fat that can be safely extracted from the body per operation is four liters, is familiar and will disclose to his/her prospective patient the maximum number of body parts or areas of the body that can be treated with liposuction in a single day. Is aware that it is most appropriate to schedule dates of surgery at least a month apart if more than a day of surgery is to be performed on a single patient, and avoids performing several unrelated surgical procedures on a patient on the same day as a schedule liposuction treatment.

A board certified liposuction surgeon has a surgical specialization, has expertise in cardiac emergency management, has attended accredited liposuction training in a classroom environment and also has comprehensive hands on training in a clinical or hospital setting. A surgeon who is certified to respond to emergency management of surgical or medical complications may mean life or death for a patient in some circumstances and it is suggested that a prospective liposuction patient make himself or herself aware if his/her chosen plastic surgeon is well-versed in diagnosing and responding competently to any medical emergency or complication that may arise during the performance of the treatment itself.

Interested individuals must always be aware of the inherent risk that is present in any surgical procedure and that knowing if your surgeon can respond quickly, effectively, and decisively to any emergency is something a prospective liposuction patient should be well informed about.

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