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In finding the best doctor for liposuction there are many medium which you can use to search. Searching on the net is the fastest way to locate which doctor possesses the best qualities to perform liposuction.  The net will definitely give you a wider range of option to choose from in just few clicks. You can also make search by asking your friends, but the information you may get is limited. You can even search though advertisements. Some doctors pays for their commercial slot in television and in radio as part of promoting the services they are offering.  They also often pay a slot in broadsheets which is preferred by many people to be part of their daily routine. You can even watch televisions shows that feature some of the best doctors in USA. By doing these you will be able to evaluate their skills based on their explanation how a certain procedure is done and what is the best procedure they have ever performed.

But by talking to a doctor face to face, it will give you a closer look on his capability to perform the procedure you want to be performed to your body. You may choose four to five doctors in your list. Visit their clinic and talk to them about liposuction. That way you will learn who among them can give you the best services that will eliminate your nightmares of being bulky. However, to lessen your burden on whom to choose, we decided to feature in this article the doctor whom we believe is the best in performing liposuction procedure.

His name is Paul G. Ruff IV, M.D., F.A.C.S. Paul Gray Ruff IV is a senior partner at the Metropolitan Institute for Plastic Surgery located in downtown Washington, D.C. Dr. Ruff joined the practice in 2000 where he consistently builds a solid status of enhancing his patients’ health and well-being via his expertise in the area of innovative aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

His Board Certifications were as follows:
• American Board of Plastic Surgery
• American Board of Surgery Medical Degree
He earns his medical degree in Eastern Virginia Medical School. And he is currently practicing as General Surgeon in Washington Hospital Center. As plastic surgeon he practices in University of California, San Diego Medical Center.

His recent awards were stated below which gave him a better credentials when it comes to performing surgery and liposuction:

  • Top Plastic Surgeons in Washingtonian Magazine Top Docs 2005 through 2008
  • Northern Virginia Top Doctors 2007
  • Best Doctors in America 2008
  • He has also been featured in New Beauty Magazine

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