Bad liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular and commonly practiced cosmetic surgeries which make the reshape of the body by suctioned out unwanted fat from different areas of the body. The term ‘Bad liposuction’ may be defined as when the surgery does not properly done and patient should have to repeated it after some days to fix the previous liposuction surgery problems. With the advent of new technology, liposuction has expanded various new procedures in the world of cosmetic surgery. Now a day, some non expert general surgeon wants to take these benefits. A number of general practitioner without any training on liposuction performing the surgery in their offices under local anesthesia, loudly promoting it as safe liposuction, non invasive liposuction or even non surgical liposuction.

Pain is the most common and first noticeable thing of bad liposuction. Just after the surgery some degrees of pain should be normal. But if any patient suffering long time pain in the surgical area of liposuction then he or she must be informed to the surgeon. Excessive pain can lead some people to feel fatigued, which is another reason for fatigue after liposuction. Due to the bad liposuction skin numbness should occur in which patient may lose the sensitivity of the skin in the treated area by liposuction. Similarly patient may leave with loose skin by liposuction. The skin becomes tightened within four to six months. But if there is wrong surgery, the skin will be loose for long lasing and skin does not recover its firmness. Another surgery is required to remove excess skin.

During liposuction some organs like intestine can be penetrate due to miss perform the cannula at the time of liposuction by the unqualified doctors. Cannula should handle properly because it is a metal probe instrument use to suction out ft from body. Only an expert and qualified surgeon can do it. Liposuction is very dangerous surgical procedure. Patient should select an expert surgeon in this field to get better result.

At the time of liposuction patient become shock due to blood pressure. To overcome from it patients receives large volume of fluid intravenously. High volume of fluid causes swelling which is indicating of bad liposuction. Without it some patient may suffer congestive heart failure from fluid overload

Some patients have to go for second liposuction due to bad result which is very risky. The ankle, feet, chin could be dissimilar for bad liposuction these may not be same size. So expert surgeon is very much important to get better result and avoid bad liposuction

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