Bad Liposuction Pictures

The next time you’re looking for materials and information for your research on liposuction, don’t concentrate on the good and positive stuff only. You should also seek the other side of liposuction, the side that isn’t always showing the successful treatments and the happy post liposuction patients. It’s suggested that to learn of the possible risk and have a better understanding and appreciation of what can go wrong during and after liposuction, you should also seek out and see for yourself bad liposuction pictures.

The Internet is swarming with bad liposuction pictures with most of these photographs being used to demonstrate and compare successful operations versus botched ones’. A lot of pictures graphically show what can go wrong during and after a liposuction procedure, the most common of which are the results of poor elastic skin that was not corrected by further cosmetic surgery, these pictures usually show wrinkled or sagging skin that has obviously not improved the look of the beneficiary of the liposuction operation.

Other bad liposuction pictures show asymmetrically shaped arms, legs, thighs and buttocks these result from uneven liposuction performed by mostly inexperienced cosmetic surgeons or unequal skin elasticity on either of the limbs or areas treated. Other more graphic and gross pictures may depict seromas, which result from tumescent fluid build-up in cavities under the skin after tumescent liposuction treatment, this can be mended by extracting the excess fluid out through the use of a syringe and then slowly extracting the yellowish fluid from each of the seromas’, the best way to go about however is for the surgeon to leave the incisions open so that the fluid can drain openly from the open wound.

Other pictures of botched and problematic liposuction operations show infections, with pus and swelling causing much redness and obvious tenderness to the affected area. If left improperly treated, the infection can cause serious complications even death. Bad liposuction pictures serve a purpose and that purpose is to provide a documentary of sorts an open reference for cosmetic surgeons, medical students and prospective liposuction clients of the possible complications and risks that may happen during and after a liposuction surgical procedure. These pictures of liposuction gone wrong should inspire those who are involved with the liposuction industry to better their craft so as to avoid repeating most if not all of the possible negative outcomes of a liposuction surgical operation.

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