Axillary Liposuction for Hyperdrosis

One of the problems amongst men and women is excessive sweating particularly in underarms. Profusely underarm perspiration is a problem that can cause embarrassment for countless people. Another name of it is called “Hyperhidrosis” or “Axillary Hyperhidrosis” There are instances that only one armpit experiences this condition, this is called “unilateral Axillary Hyperdrosis”. Studies and researches about this abnormality could not pin point the underlying cause of such heavy sweating.  Some studies says, it is a product of abnormality in the response of Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS),. When SNS does not respond properly, it directly affects the sweat glands. Further studies say, that it also goes with the types of food you eat, getting too much of caffeine can trigger the respond of sweat glands. But whatever causes it may be, there are ways to stop this heavy sweating. One way of it is through Axillary Liposuction.

Axillary liposuction is minor surgery done in the underarms to prevent excessive sweating.  Treating yourself with anti-perspire and deodorants would not help you stop the sweating, it would give you side effects like burning sensation and skin irritation.  In doing Axillary Liposuction, it is a simple and short procedure yet it is for a long term effect with few complications.

Liposuction, just like any surgery, is performed by licensed doctor who took certification in surgery.  Depending on the surgeons you choose, the price can vary from the place where the operation is being conducted, the methods and procedures used and the experience of the doctor who performed the operation.

Axillary Liposuction is done through tumescent anesthesia. This is not the traditional Liposuction, but “superficial liposuction.” The suction is being applied right under the skin, as opposed to the fatty tissue underneath the skin. It sucks out the sweat glands and relieves hyperhidrosis.

Out of the 10 patients who had undergone Axillary Liposuction, four relapsed, with axillary hyperhidrosis and was required for additional Liposuction on the same area. The longest time to relapse was 15 months and with 4 months being the shortest.  Six patients have not required to undergone Axillary Liposuction with 7 years, being the longest time of remission.

Axillary liposuction might be good solution for such excessive sweating but just like any other procedures, there also some minor complications. One of which is Hematoma, or a localized swelling filled with blood cause of breaking of blood vessels. There is also skin unevenness and skin flap necrosis, but in spite of these effects.  Such procedure as Axillary Liposuction is proven to be effective and has lower risk of complications rates.

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