Ankle Liposuction

One of the many techniques in liposuction is the ankle liposuction. Most women are having problems with their legs. Legs are considered one of the sexiest and mostly eyed parts of a woman’s body. However, having fat or bulky legs is one of the much insecurity that a woman can have. Until ankle liposuction was discovered, this problem was reduced. It is one of the most common used techniques in liposuction. Fats located in the ankle are resistant to exercise and diet therefore; there is a need to remove it by surgery using ankle liposuction.

Ankle liposuction is a sensitive procedure because legs and ankles contain sensitive veins. Unlike fats in the abdomen which are deposited in deeper compartments, fats in legs and ankles are hallow which make the procedure more extensive and extra precaution should be applied. You must always choose the best surgeon in town with enough skills and experience in performing this procedure. Though this procedure is safer than the other techniques, there is still possibility of damage in veins due to the sensitivity and vulnerability of these veins to injury.

Ankle liposuction uses a micro-cannula which is more detailed and creates small incisions than other cannula used in other techniques. This micro-cannula hides scarring because only small incisions are made. However, this micro-cannula costs higher and increases the time needed to perform the procedure. After the procedure has been done, an open-drainage is used to minimize swelling. This swelling can be resolved within few days. In doing an open-drainage the surgeon will make tiny idits that allows continues drainage of blood-tinged anesthetic solution. This solution is the cause of swelling and bruising. After the procedure has been completed, the patient is required to wear compression garment for one month to ensure better result. The patient should keep his/her feet elevated to avoid damage of the ankles. Patients of ankle liposuction can go back to their normal activities within one week.

Undergoing ankle liposuction excessively is not advisable as it can cause serious blood vessel damage. And due to the sensitivity of veins in the ankles, prospective patients must exert extra effort to locate the best surgeon. Choosing the cheapest ankle liposuction is not commendable because it can expose you to harmful effects caused by improper execution of the procedure. The surgeon should identify what your ankle is made of, whether fats or bone tissue. This way, your surgeon could be able to determine what procedure is good for you or whether your ankles need liposuction or not.

The result of the ankle liposuction to most that availed this procedure was satisfying. Better shaped legs and ankles gave them the confidence of flaunting what they have. Fats removed are permanent.

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