Ankle liposuction

Liposuction surgical procedure has become rapidly improved over the years and ankle liposuction considered as a safe and efficient procedure to remove fat from the ankle region. Ankle liposuction is an option for those people especially women who are genetically gained higher proportion of fat in their legs and ankles that are the same thickness as their calves. Ankles fat can be highly resistance to diet and exercise and liposuction procedure is safe to improve the look of a women’s leg with her confident.


The procedure of ankle liposuction performed very carefully because it contains relatively highly superficial fat. It consist mainly muscles and bones rather than deep compartment of fat. That is why there is a risk of damage to the sensitive veins located in the ankles. Everyone should not be good candidate for ankle liposuction. Ideal candidates must be able to pinch at least 1 cm of fat around their ankles when standing flat on the ground, and a minimum of 2 cm from their calves when on tiptoes. Age, skin elasticity is a factor that affecting the ankle liposuction procedure. Liposuction is all about of remove ft so the aged patient whose skin becomes loose and impaired elasticity; liposuction is not very good choice for them.


During liposuction procedure a good cosmetic surgeon insert a cannula which is a tube like structure by a small incision and contour the area by removing of extra fat. Incisions also tend to scar more in the ankle region so greater care must be taken to avoid obvious scarring. The natural curve of the ankle and calf can be ruined by a bit of fat in the ankles. The operation is done under anesthesia and it takes very short time. The patients have to suggest by doctor to wearing compression garments for about a month. Patient can go home at the same day of surgery but have to follow carefully the post operative rules. Patients advised by the doctor to keep feet elevated after the surgery. It helps to less swelling with minimum recovery time.


According to the area and treatment the cost of ankle liposuction procedure varies whether the area is treated alone or in conjunction with other areas. There is an average cost for it $4000 to $6000.


If anybody set up mind for go through with ankle liposuction they should choose a good, reputed cosmetic surgeon. And ask to the doctors any question that comes in mind to make clear any hesitation.

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