Alternatives To Liposuction

You might say that the world is living in vanity because the most performed operation in the world is liposuction. Most overweight people would love to undergo the liposuction treatment provided there are no series of incisions, cuts and bruises, not to mention the recovery period that may take months. There are a number of medical insurance who covered liposuction procedure but many do not cover aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries such as this. Considering the risk the patient has to face, many searched for alternatives to liposuction procedures.

Although many claimed success through liposuction, there are numerous cases of liposuction failures and repairing the damaged shapes is also costly and worst, the patient has to wait for some time until it can be repaired. Patients who have undergone the operation because of self-esteem issues had deeper emotional burden after hoping for some changes in their lives after the procedure.
Alternatives to liposuction can involve injected solutions to dissolve fats or some creams and gels that penetrate in the skin. Alternatives to liposuction may include Mesotherapy, Lipo-dissolve, Thermage, Ultrasound Liposonix and Lipoburn Gel.
Mesoderm layer of the skin is the target of an injected solution that blocks the fat cells from growing, instead, the body system burns the fat making it easier to flush out. Many claims that unlike liposuction that focuses on the removal of stored fats, Mesotherapy also treats stretch marks and saggy skin. There were no reported deaths on Mesotherapy and it is completely safe. An average of 10 sessions might cost you as little as a thousand dollars and the result will be noticeable in just few sessions. Mesotheraphy remains the top choice among alternatives to liposuction.

Lipo-dissolve works just like the Mesotherapy, a chemical solution is injected to burn fats and flush it out of the body. Lipo-dissolve have the same cost with Mesotherapy. Itching, burning sensation and some skin discoloration are the common side effects of Lipo-dissolve, almost the same side-effect of those who underwent Mesotherapy. Lipo-dissolve is a new procedure and have not been given approval by FDA.

Thermage uses laser that penetrates onto skin to treat affected area. Fats are heated and shrink and eventually, burned fats will be flushed out of the body. This procedure is not recommended to patients who have large amounts of excess fat. Ultrasound Liposonix also melts the fats and lasers are use to eliminate unwanted fats. This is still in the process of trial awaiting FDA approval.

LipoGels are one of the most inexpensive yet effective ways of removing fats, it is safe too. You do not need an expert to do this. You can do it yourself in the comfort of home.

There are a lot of alternatives to liposuction. All of these are just as effective as liposuction and the good thing is, it is safe and affordable.

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