After Tumescent Liposuction

Liposuction is a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed all around the world. During its invention in 1974, liposuction was a straightforward procedure done under general anesthesia. It required the doctor or cosmetic surgeon to make incisions in a patient’s body where he or she will then insert stainless tubes called cannulas to separate and extract fat from specific areas of the body earlier identified for treatment. Today, there are several different techniques of liposuction and one the most sought after if not recommended by cosmetic surgeons is the tumescent liposuction also known as super wet technique. Recovery after tumescent liposuction is varied from patient to patient and this variation can also be attributed to a wide range of factors, from age, the size of an area operated on, medical history of the patient, experience and skill of the cosmetic surgeon and so on and so forth.

 The best way to go quicken your recuperation after tumescent liposuction is to honestly disclose your medical history to your cosmetic surgeon before the operation and abide by the pre-operation instructions and guidelines provided to you by your physician. Purchasing in advance the medications necessary to assist your recovery is crucial and preparation of your place of recovery is equally important, it will be prohibitively expensive to stay in a hospital or clinic while recovering after tumescent liposuction, thus, a lot patients and most if not all cosmetic surgeons advice their patients that they can go home to recover after the first 6 to 12 hours of the procedure.

After tumescent liposuction you will be made to wear a compression garment, this is an elastic garment that is worn over the treated areas to aid in the drainage of excess tumescent liquid in the treated areas and also aids in shaping and contouring the treated area to the desired shape and form. The compression garment can only be taken off on doctor’s orders and removing it prematurely can have dire effects aesthetically. Rest and more rest is recommended while wearing the compression garment and during this period, numbness or loss of feeling in the treated areas can be experienced. This is due to the excess anesthetic that is still present in your tissue and muscles, the tumescent fluid used to emulsify the fat from your problem areas contain an anesthetic to minimize pain and bleeding. This will also slowly drain from your system through the open incisions left by your surgeon to facilitate faster evacuation of the tumescent fluid from your body, this is called open drainage, a bit messy admittedly but it will significantly hasten your recovery after tumescent liposuction.

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