Advanced liposuction

Advance Liposuction is a simple and minimally invasive procedure. In this procedure, a small incision is produced by which the melted fat has been suctioned out with the help of local anesthesia. Compared to the other traditional method, swelling and bruising are minimal and Scarring is virtually eliminated. The treated areas treated are smoothed and tightened and no stitches are needed.

Smart lipo is the most advanced technique liposuction which becomes very popular in USA. SmartLipo is the first and only laser-assisted lipolysis system to offer a revolutionary and minimally invasive procedure for the removal of fat. Using a high-powered laser, A very small cannula, or tube, approximately 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm in diameter containing a laser fiber is inserted into the skin. Due to the small size of cannula Smartlipo is a minimally invasive procedure and can be performed under local anesthesia. 

The procedure is very safe with only minimal side effects.  Less bleeding, swelling and bruising, – and a quicker recovery time than conventional liposuction. Smartlipo can be right for almost every person. The ideal candidate should be in good health, exercise regularly, body fat deposits that have responded poorly to diet and exercise;. Patients should consult with doctor before going through the surgery. After examine surgeon can clarify patient that he or she will be perfect candidate for smartlipo or not. The patient who wants to quick recovery from surgery, and don’t wastage time smartlipo is the best choice for them.

People should have realistic expectations about the procedure’s capabilities. And be prepared previously about the risk and side effect of surgery. Normally patient can go back to work within 2 days and Results can be seen immediately with continued improvement over several months. Smartlipo is safer than traditional liposuction because there is less bleeding and anesthetic drugs used. In fact, in doing the procedure under tumescent technique, we have eliminated a lot of risks normally associated with general anesthesia.

There is another advanced liposuction named Laser liposuction which is a safe procedure that helps remove the cellulite or fat on the body. Laser liposuction is becoming more popular day by day, because local anesthesia has done and the surgery takes very short time. Patient can recover very early and go back their normal life within few days. Laser liposuction removes the fat on the body and keeps the body looking smooth and rejuvenated.

The cost of laser liposuction is minimal than any other liposuction process because anesthesia not used. Besides being safe and effective, the lesser cost makes laser liposuction a very popular choice for getting a desired body in almost no time.

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