About liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical procedure in which unwanted fat of different area of the body has suctioned out with the help of a cannula.( a hollow stainless steel tube). Liposuction is only the process of reshape of the body not for weight loses. Liposuction can be accomplished either with the use of general anesthesia, or local, depending the area of the body.

The best candidates for liposuction are generally in good health and who have a positive outlook and realistic expectations about the procedure’s outcome. Ideal candidate should have good skin elasticity and muscle tone.

Liposuction only appropriate to suction out of that portion of the body fat which cannot possible with diet and regular exercise  such as the abdomen, thighs, arms or butt. As a result, literally hundreds of thousands of people undergo liposuction surgery each year. So liposuction becomes very popular over the years among the people.

Liposuction surgery has become one of the fastest, most effective and safest cosmetic surgery procedures available today..There are many ways to do liposuction. The basic thing of different type of liposuction is that, it a process by which fat from under the skin eliminated by painlessly with the help of local or general anesthesia. The fat can be melted by different ways, like of solution or ultrasound system. Thus fat cells broken down and suction out by the cannula.

The average liposuction cost can be varying depending on the size of the treated area, and the specific technique used. . Total costs include surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, facility and lab fees, medications, and compression garments.

Liposuction is a surgery process and any surgery process should have some risk. Excessive bleeding, necrosis, fat clots, anesthesia risks, asymmetry, damage of nerve, blood vessels, muscles and organs, scarring skin discoloration etc are the common risk and side affect of this surgery.

The recovery period of liposuction also varies but most people can back to their work within 10 days. Most people experience several pains, swelling, bruising, during the first few days. Although the new shape of your body usually begins to emerge in the first few weeks, some swelling may remain for several months. Major weight gain or loss after liposuction can produce skin surface irregularities. The final result may not be clear until 6 months after surgery.

To get perfect result from liposuction surgery both surgeon and patient have to follow some protocol. Many people have a misconception that by liposuction procedure fat cells are permanently removed, but there is possibility to gain weight again after liposuction if diet and exercise should not followed strictly.

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